Welcome to Valley Community Baptist Church. We are one church in multiple locations with campuses in Avon and Bristol, CT. Our mission is to honor God and grow in Christ by worshipping God, equipping believers, bringing people to Christ and serving our neighbors. We would be honored to have you join us

Worship Service Times & Styles

Each weekend, there are six worship services in two locations: Sundays at 10 a.m. at Greene-Hills School in Bristol. Saturdays at 5 p.m. and Sundays at 8, 9:30, and 11:15 a.m in the Sanctuary in Avon. There's also a service at 11:15 a.m. at the Avon Campus in The Venue. There are communal dinners on most Saturday and Tuesday evenings at the Avon Campus. We also meet as small groups and classes throughout the week.  We look forward to meeting you.



Avon: 590 West Avon Road, Avon, Connecticut. Get directions and contact information.

Bristol: 718 Pine Street, Bristol Connecticut. We meet at Greene-Hills School in Bristol.

Children & Students

We encourage families to worship together on the weekend, and then choose children's programs and communities for middle school and high school students. During the week, we offer age-specific clubs and gatherings for children, middle school and high school students

There are also special events like summer camps, student retreats and the family summit that will help children and parents grow in their relationships with each other and God.


At Valley Community Baptist Church, we value knowing the truth of God and obeying His Word. Senior Pastor Jay Abramson is the lead teaching pastor. We invite you to listen to the latest sermon series.


Men's Fraternity


About Men's Fraternity 


Men's Fraternity helps to build authentic men and will help you become a better follower of Christ, a better husband, a better dad, a better neighbor, a better employee or boss. The time together at Frat@Dawn includes large group teaching (usually Senior Pastor Jay Abramson) and small group discussions and application in table groups. Frat@Night features three tracks to choose from (details below).



Date: Tuesdays

Time: 6 a.m.

Location: Fellowship Hall - Avon Campus

Cost: $30  

Jonah (Jan. 23 - Mar. 20): This video series by Eric Mason focuses on how God uses extraordinary circumstances to break our hearts of selfishness, convince us of His tender care, and unite our lives to His glory.  




 Date: Tuesdays

 Time: 6:15 p.m., beginning with "Ten Minutes with Pastor Jay" in the Sanctuary

 Location: Fellowship Hall - Avon Campus

 Cost: $30

Frat@Night will feature three different tracks to choose from:

- The Quest for Authentic Manhood: The first year of the Men's Fraternity curriculum will help you deal with your past to create a life-changing future.

- Leadership Development (also for women): 

  • Your Leadership Plan (Jan. 23 - Feb. 27): Who does God want you to be? What does God want you to do? At work? At home? At church? We will look at developing a leadership plan that includes your spiritual gifts and leadership strengths. The study begins January 23 at 6:15 p.m. in the Sanctuary, and then in Room 328A.     

- The Bullpen

  • Jonah (Jan. 23 - Mar. 20): This video series by Eric Mason focuses on how God uses extraordinary circumstances to break of hearts of selfishness, convince us of His tender care, and unite our lives to His glory. The study begins January 23 at 6:15 p.m. in the Sanctuary, and then in Fellowship Hall F.





Do you know what it means to be a "real" man? Unfortunately, the perception of what a real man looks like is distorted by society's norms. Fortunately, the truth can be found in God's blueprint for a biblical man. Men's Fraternity is an opportunity to seek God's plan for manhood and to learn how to live a life of authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ and directed by the Word of God.

Stepping Up 

Tuesdays beginning January 8 / 6 a.m. / Fellowship Hall
Facilitated by Pastor Jay
Book Cost: $12

Join us for this 10-week study that continues the pursuit of
courageous, intentional manhood. Men will
/files/Ministry Images DO NOT REMOVE/Adult/stepping up_Resized_217x259.jpg be challenged by critical decisions through five distinct "steps" of manhood. Learn practical strategies to move through these steps. Hear how a man is designed to relate to God. Learn what it means to leave a defining legacy. Be inspired and encouraged to step up to be the man God has designed you to be.  


Men's Fraternity Year 1:
The Quest for Authentic Manhood 

Tuesdays beginning September 11 / 6:30 p.m. / Valley Cafe
Led by Pastor Jay
Cost: $25  

/files/Ministry Documents/Adult/Mens Ministry/mensfraternityc-logo-crop.jpgThe Quest for Authentic Manhood is the original curriculum in the Men's Fraternity series. This 24-session series helps men understand their masculine identity and shows them how to make the pursuit of God's design of authentic manhood as a lifelong priority woven into the fabric of their everyday lives.

The Quest for Authentic Manhood sets out to answer some questions universal to men:

> What makes a man a real man?
> How and when does one become a real man?
> What holds men back from their true masculine identity?
> How does authentic manhood express itself today?






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