Welcome to Valley Community Baptist Church. We are one church in multiple locations with campuses in Avon and Bristol, CT. Our mission is to honor God and grow in Christ by worshipping God, equipping believers, bringing people to Christ and serving our neighbors. We would be honored to have you join us

Worship Service Times & Styles

We worship together on Saturdays at 5 p.m. and Sundays at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m in the Sanctuary in Avon. There's also a service at 10:30 a.m. at the Avon Campus in The Venue. There are communal dinners on most Saturday and Tuesday evenings at the Avon Campus. We also meet as small groups and classes throughout the week.  We look forward to meeting you.



Avon: 590 West Avon Road, Avon, Connecticut. Get directions and contact information.

Bristol: 718 Pine Street, Bristol Connecticut. We meet at Greene-Hills School in Bristol.

Children & Students

We encourage families to worship together on the weekend, and then choose children's programs and communities for middle school and high school students. During the week, we offer age-specific clubs and gatherings for children, middle school and high school students

There are also special events like summer camps, student retreats and the family summit that will help children and parents grow in their relationships with each other and God.


At Valley Community Baptist Church, we value knowing the truth of God and obeying His Word. Senior Pastor Jay Abramson is the lead teaching pastor. We invite you to listen to the latest sermon series.


Summer Trips


Each summer, many of our Middle School and High School students take part in trips that play a significant role in their spiritual growth and in the growth of those they minister to. This year, we'll be taking summer trips that vary in their focus, intensity level, and age range. Please read through the descriptions and find the trip that is best suited for you or your student. Registration and applications links are at the end of each trip description below.

Middle School 



H.E.A.T. Week

Farmington Valley, CT

 July 20-24

Information will be forthcoming about this trip. If you have any questions, feel free to email Julia Brown.



Impact Week

Sutton, West Virginia

July 11-19

Cost: $750

($250 family payment and $500 to be raised in support or paid in full by family.)

Open to current 8th graders

Impact Week is designed to broaden our 8th-grade students' worldview, engage them in service opportunities, and equip them to share God’s truth with unbelievers. It is designed for students who are serious in their relationship with Jesus Christ and want to serve others and share God’s love with people. Students will serve at work projects in the morning and participate in local outreach programs in the afternoon. Work projects may include deck construction, digging trenches, plumbing, and painting. Afternoon outreach happens at the town pool, where our team facilitates competitions, dramas, crafts, personal testimonies, and a live concert. All of these activities are designed to guide people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

All students will go through an application process to ensure suitability for the trip. Students must be committed to the team for the entire duration of the trip.

Spots available: 26.

Application will be available soon!




High School



Hartford City Mission

Hartford, CT

June 27-July 1

Cost: $250

Who is eligible?

Mature students who have completed their freshman, sophomore, or junior year, who aren't afraid of hard work and want to know what Hartford is really like. Students who have participated in this trip before are not eligible.

What is this trip about?

This trip gives students a cross-cultural experience that is only 20 minutes away. Life in the urban environment of Hartford is very different from what most of the students from the Farmington Valley are used to. Students will broaden their worldview as they learn about city life and engage with those who live in poverty. Much of this life-changing trip is devoted to serving as we come alongside North End ministries like Hartford City Mission and the Keney Park Sustainability Project.

Where do we stay?

Trip leaders Rebecca Wilhite and Mary Swank open their homes for this trip each year. The Swank home serves as home base for meals and team activities, and is where the girls will sleep. The guys sleep at the Wilhite home.

I want to go; what do I do?

Please note that the trip is limited to 18 students. Students must be committed to the team for the duration of the trip.

Registration will open soon!


Impact Track

Sutton, West Virginia

July 9-17

Cost: $300

Who is eligible?

Current sophomores and juniors who want to make an impact! This means learning to lead, and returning home with an excitement and passion to make a difference in and through the Valley High School Ministry.

What is this trip about?

Impact Track is all about servant leadership! We select, equip, and release a team of upperclassmen to make a difference in the High School Ministry, starting with a trip to Sutton, West Virginia. Jesus set the example that those who want to be first must be last, and to be on track and make a lasting impact for God's Kingdom, we must serve. Students will learn about cultivating their own personal intimacy with God, and how to lead others toward that same end. Remember, your life is not about you but something so much more! Impact Track will give you that vision and release you on that track!

How do we accomplish Impact Track?

Impact Track is separated into two parts. The first part of the trip is about equipping and training. We bring the students to environments with lots of people where they can learn how to be bold in their interactions and take practical steps to apply what they have been taught. This might include praying for someone they just met, or asking questions that are focused around spiritual truths. During this time, we also train the students to study the Bible and lead their peers in how to study it as well. The second part of the trip is about leading. Students will join the Impact Week students, who are incoming freshmen, and put what they have learned into action. They will lead on service projects, evangelistic environments, Bible studies, prayer times, and training opportunities. Each day, we will debrief, talking about where we have seen God work and how to continually stay on track with Jesus.

I want to go; what do I do?

Apply for the trip here. Once you complete your application, you'll be scheduled for an interview with a trip leader. After the interview is complete, you will be notified if you have been accepted onto the Impact Track team. If accepted, you'll pay the deposit. The remaining cost will be due June 9.

Note: On the application, take note of the required trip training. You are expected to be at each training session, so put them on your schedule NOW and please prioritize them. These meetings help us assess the strengths of the students, gain an understanding of how the team works together, and isolate weak points to strengthen so that we are ready for the trip.

Application will be available soon!



Dominican Republic

July 25-August 2

Open to current Juniors and Seniors
Cost: $1,800 ($500 family payment and $1,300 to be raised in support or paid in full by family.)
Want an opportunity to minister to children and teenagers while being stretched outside of your comfort zone? The Kids Alive International trip in the Dominican Republic is your chance to serve the children of Constanza through a Summer Bible Club, and the teenagers through soccer and a sports clinic. The team also develops a presentation of the Gospel to bring on the road and share with communities far from the city of Constanza.
You will experience what God is already doing in the Dominican Republic, and you will see how He will use YOU! Apply now.